MTwo & Melanies

Melanie's is all about a lifestyle. It offers a collection of everything that I enjoy in my life from day to day. Clothes, jewlery, art, scents and one-of-a-kind items for the home. I spend an enormous amount of time traveling and searching for the unique and different.

I have been in the design business in Orange Beach Alabama for more than 25 years. Melanie's was created over 10 years ago because I wanted to showcase the things I love! MTWO also has a fabulous showroom that consists of fine furnishings, luxurious linens, exquisite jewlery, fine art and elegant lighting. I consider both of my shops "Lifestyle Stores". Everything is something I love...the best sock mermaid for my granddaughters, the perfect lamp, the most gorgeous sofa, a great antique rug, a Moroccan poof, jewlery from North Africa and India, and the best casual cotton pants and top to wear everyday at the beach. I am continually on the hunt for those treasures that are new and unique and pleasing to the eye as well as the home. 

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4830 Mainstreet Suite 114 Orange Beach, AL 36561

(251) 202-4899

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4830 Mainstreet Suite 110 Orange Beach, AL 36561

(251) 202-5290